The opening of the historic hotel named Ain Al Faras.

Made the difference in charge of the work of restoration and maintenance of the Hotel Ain Al Faras atcity of Ghadames, and end stages of a broad plan developed by the company executing the project, the rate exceeded 60 percent, adding the number of supplements and a swimming pool, fountains and green spaces.

Ayman Ghreibal, work site that acts of restoration and maintenance off the summer of 2009 by the Tunisian company for construction and processing "Swinb," for the company oasis of tourism development, will also provide the project after it opened about 76 jobs in various disciplines hotel.

He sieve, saying: "It is the decision and according to plan completion of the work with the end of May , and will be opened to coincide with the start of the session 15 of the Ghadames International Tourism Festival in October " .

For his part, engineer Bashir Hieba said , : "The completion of the consolidation and restoration of the walls, and rebuild the arches carrying the bishop built trunks of palm trees, and the creation of the main entrance of the building, and add a number of new rooms on the architectural style of the local prevailing in the city of Gadames old, and a bathroom pool, as well as the hall of international telecommunication services, "the Internet", with an estimated area of the hotel, which was launched in its construction the beginning of the thirties of the last century, 4500 square meters, and it contains 10 rooms at the beginning of its opening in 1935, and will add 8 new rooms with the same old architectural style Premier of the city on the list of World Heritage, in addition to a swimming pool, sauna-style Turkish which will provide guests opportunities for recreation and rest, also provided hotel rooms for the plenary meetings, and devoted part of the supplements to the service, a restaurant large enough for 64 people.

The hotel features the historic welcomed its first guests in 1935, the details of architecture derived from the vocabulary of the old city of Ghadames constructed according to the model of harmonious with the environment and the Pacific.