General Information

Name of the Country: Libya
Capital: Tripoli
Official language: Arabic
Demonym: Libyan
Government: Libya
Currency: Dinar (LYD)
Calling Code: + 218
Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

Libya local long form: The Interim Libyan Government.

Government type: Libya now going through a democratic process on the 07-07-2012 the nation has elected the General national assembly through which an interim government has been formed for a period of 18 months then after a general election will take place.
Administrative divisions: 32 municipalities.

National holiday: 17 Feb. The Libyan Uprising Day.

Legal system: The Libyan court system is similar to that of civil law countries such as France and Italy. In Libya, courts are classified by function, with trial courts and appellate courts. Trial courts hear disputes initially and there is usually a single judge who controls the trial and determines the outcome. Appellate courts review the decisions of trial courts where a party is dissatisfied with the decision rendered by the trial court. At the top of the hierarchy is the Supreme Court, which is divided into specialist chambers. Its decisions are binding upon all courts and authorities in Libya.

Executive branch: Chief of state: Dr. Ali Zaydan

Flag description: Red, Black, Green With a crescent and Star in the middle.