The world today is experiencing a major economic crisis caused distinct unfavorable effects on daily activities.Today Libya is undertaking significant economic development. The Government plans to develop all sectors of the economy.

It has increased the production of crude oil and the funds are being invested in the development of the country's infrastructure and construction in general.
Today there are many business opportunities for foreign companies in Libya. Many foreign companies have found the opportunity they need to continue developing their business in our country.
Gaining from the favorable situation in Libya, small companies become larger and large ones become giants.
Sometimes a business turns into a desert crossing, that is why Our Company wants to be your guide and your Oasis in our country.

Our team is composed of the professionals capable of guiding and making possible the development of the foreign company´s activity in our country.
We base our business on professionalism, honesty, humanity and sincerity in relationships.
We invite all engineering firms, construction firms, companies of general trade, energy companies and firms belonging to other sectors to cooperate with our company.

Our goal is to help each client to maximize the benefit of his activity efforts through a professional introduction of his company to the governmental departments and their corresponding business units as well as to prominent private business sector.
Our goal is to be your strategic partner in Libya."We wish you success in your business".Al- Kayan Services Technical Consultancy Co. can help you reach your goals with professional solutions.

Company Profile

Al- Kayan Services Technical Consultancy Co. is a dynamic and fast growing company - that provides professional services to companies within the construction, investment, oil and gas sector and engineering industries.

Our consulting engineers , consultants, technical management support specialists provide a broad range of professional services.


Made the difference in charge of the work of restoration and maintenance of the Hotel Ain Al Faras atcity of Ghadames, and end stages of a broad plan developed by the company executing the project, the rate exceeded 60 percent, adding the number of supplements and a swimming pool, fountains and green spaces.