Construction and infrastructure.

Libya's National Development Plan
Libya addresses its immediate priorities in terms of technological needs for the country's infrastructure renewal and development.
Libya's economic progress is dependent on overseas technology and expertise for the expansion, upgrading and modernisation of its vital infrastructure. This is central to an ambitious multi-billion dollar National Development Plan which has an approximately US$60 billion allocation for 2010 alone, representing 60% of the total annual budget.
Priority sectors include building and construction; transport and communications; water and environment; power and electricity; and safety and security. These sectors are benefiting from huge budget allocations and are providing wide ranging opportunities to the international export community capable of delivering technology and expertise to this challenging market.Libya's National Development Plan focuses on:

. Housing - 70,000 units a year are needed to keep pace with the growing population.
. Road and Bridge Building - including 2,000 kms of road improvements.
. Power and Electricity - the power sector is set to double in terms of output from 4,700MW to 9,700MW within the next five years at a projected cost of US$7.5 billion.
. Water and Sewerage Projects - US$6 billion has been allocated to waste water systems and management.
. Social Services Sector - the construction and equipping of schools and hospitals.
. Seaports Renovation - there are ambitious development plans to bring the ports and logistics network up to international standards in terms of design, equipment and efficiency.
. Airports Construction - a new terminal at Tripoli International Airport is under construction, and a new airport in Benghazi is a priority.
. Safety and Security - integral to all new projects are industrial and commercial safety and security issues. Equipment and technology for general health and safety - cctv, access control, perimeter security, fire safety and security - is fundamental to all new project development.
. Tourism - dramatic growth in hotel construction is forecast to increase the number of beds to 10,000 by 2010 as part of a US$7 billion tourist development plan.

Such huge development will put heavy demands on other areas of the economy creating opportunities for the provision of expertise in the services sector, not least in education and training; and business and finance.