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About us and Company Philosophy
About Us
Al- Kayan Services Technical Consultancy Co. is a dynamic and fast growing company - that provides professional services to companies within the construction, investment, oil and gas sector and engineering industries. Our designers, planners, consulting engineers and scientists, consultants, technical management support specialists provide a broad range of professional services. Through our work, we make a positive difference in the world by means of related service lines to clients at local, regional and national levels. Since 1999, Al- Kayan Co has grown very fast. This growth is the result of talented, dedicated employees working toward a common goal to complement each other to deliver success for clients. We can assist you in achieving project success, from the ground up; Our services are delivered on a timely basis and meeting the deadlines.

Company Philosophy
Al- Kayan Services Technical Consultancy Co. since its foundation had a great vision of expansion that kept the company in constant growth and expansion in Libya and worldwide through participation and development as consultancy supporting partner in major energy, environment, infrastructure and constructions projects.
When we started, the idea was and is to develop a company with "sense" and therefore we think that the only way to build One Conscious Community depends on human beings. This community should be formed by partners´ consciousness, collaborators´ consciousness, employees´ consciousness, customer's consciousness, and suppliers´ consciousness.
The projects (tasks, plans, goals, objectives, targets) without persons are not worthwhile; and persons without projects have no illusion, for this reason it's preferable to offer a projects for each person, to be the people who build our projects.
The things we make must have "sense" and we must be committed to them. The way that makes sense is the way of confidence and excitement, because trust and emotion do have meaning, it makes perfect sense. We are convinced by reason, but moved by emotion.
We seek projects´ profitability and "sense". It is the interaction between these two dimensions (profitability and sense) that build a value-conscious community. The pending business revolution is the revolution of sense.Human activity seems to be sometimes in a permanent search of material results, of tangible goals, however, there is a large gap between carrying stones and building cathedrals, Bridge, Road.